In-App Contextual Advertising In An IDFA-Less World

With the iOS 14 announcement, a lot of app publishers are fretting about their revenue. When cookies were deprecated on Safari, publishers saw monetization rates drop well below 50%. For most smaller app publishers, life without IDFA will be the kiss of death. Larger publishers may have the resources and the scale to weather the storm. With addressability becoming less … Read More

How Will iOS 14 Impact Agencies?

Another summer, another WWDC … another Apple privacy iOS announcement! This time Apple has unveiled its next step in the consumer privacy journey. While “Limited Ad Tracking” (LAT) had its day in the sun, Apple has chosen to go one step further. Now they have created a process that will mask the IDFA until a user explicitly opts in, unlike … Read More

How Will iOS 14 Impact Mobile App Publishers?

Publishers have faced an unprecedented series of disruptions recently. First, desktop and mobile web publishers were disrupted with the elimination of third-party cookies by Apple’s Safari, Firefox, and finally Google’s announcement that Chrome will retire third-party cookies in 2021. With Apple’s announcement of iOS 14 at WWDC on June 22nd, mobile publishers will now have to deal with a less … Read More