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Shelter-In-Place Audio Streaming Brand Competitive Analysis

COVID-19 changed audio streaming behavior in multiple ways, from the services and devices people use to the content they stream. Here is a TrueData summary of some interesting trends we unearthed with our platform across some popular streaming apps: Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Castbox, Stitcher.

Which App is Getting the Biggest Share of Category Growth?

In this app growth analysis we indexed a mix of  6 emerging and established audio apps to their pre-COVID growth rate. Below we have illustrated which apps have seen an increase or decrease in their growth rates since the coronavirus outbreak. As expected, most streaming apps experienced a spike in downloads early in the pandemic. Since then the growth rates have regulated with the exception of Music Player, which has seen the highest growth rate over time.

Which apps do Hispanics prefer?

When we profiled these  6 audio streaming apps against the language users set on their devices, we saw a clear pattern of who is most successfully acquiring Spanish speakers. Our data reveals that TuneIn is in the lead, followed by Deezer.

Which streaming apps are more popular with females or males?

TuneIn stands out as the audio app with a distinctively high ratio of male users within the category, followed by Castbox. The next question is why and what are they streaming?

And how do female users differ from males?

We dissected the data a bit more for IHeartRadio female listeners. As it turns out this cohort is particularly excited about couponing. 

Do you know your users are sports fanatics?

A closer analysis of the app ownership cross index data reveals that TuneIn users are passionate about sports.

TuneIn users are on the go.

TuneIn users not only like sports, they also over index for these travel apps, as compared to the US population.

How different are iHeartRadio users?

TuneIn users love sports and travel, but the top app category that iHeartRadio users over index for is entertainment. They are particularly fond of traditional TV networks.

We have rich insights across additional streaming apps like Deezer, Tidal, Castbox, and Stitcher.

Request access now or connect with us to schedule a brief demo of the TrueData Platform and see first-hand how mobile data can help grow your brand. 


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