Preparing for cookie depreciation?  Learn how our identity graph can deliver incremental data connections without ever using cookies.

Data Products built to Drive Your Growth

TrueData built an open and independent data solution specializing in cookieless identity resolution, first party data onboarding, and audience marketing. Whether you are concerned about cookies going away, omnichannel activation or higher data costs, TrueData allows customers to easily connect data, target segments, and measure results.

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Identity Resolution Solution

An Identity Resolution Solution That is Independent & Interoperable

We fully integrate into your technology stack while future-proofing your omnichannel digital identity resolution strategy. Our Identity Resolution Solution will always ensure you have full control of your data.

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First Party Data Strategy & Onboarding

First Party Data Strategy & Onboarding, without the Hassle

Activate your offline customer data digitally across any platform and channel. Whether you are looking for a new partner or to scale existing solutions, we are committed to delivering your KPIs and desired outcomes by improving your first party data strategy.

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Audience Marketing Data Delivered to You

Discover new customers and take guesswork out of audience marketing with TrueData’s deterministic audience data. Syndicated and custom audiences built for true omnichannel reach, never using cookies so you are prepared for the future, today.

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Discover How Independent Identity Resolution Can Fuel Your Growth

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