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First Party Data Strategy & Onboarding, without the Hassle

Prepare for the cookieless future today with TrueData’s independant first party data platform. Activate your offline customer data digitally across any platform and channel. Whether you are looking for a new partner or to scale existing solutions, we are committed to delivering your KPIs and desired outcomes by improving your first party data strategy.

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TrueData makes it easy for you to target who you want, where you want. Your first party data segments can be pushed to any platform to be targeted across any digital channel within 24 hours.

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Partnership with TrueData means better service, more efficient results, and lower fees. We optimized our platform so that you can invest more in media and less in data technology costs enabling you to deliver incremental reach for your brand.

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Not only does TrueData’s first party data platform provide best-in-class onboarding capabilities, amplify your first data strategy with matchback reporting, advanced CRM scoring, or dynamic behave-a-like segmentation. Each feature is customized to your needs with no additional effort required to get started.

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A Cookieless First Party Data Solution for the Future

Our platform is built on the most relevant independent customer identifiers so that you can securely unify offline and online customer journeys. Upgrade your digital first party data stack now so when the third party cookie does go away, the work has already been done for you.

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A Cookieless First Party Data Solution for the Future

How It Works

  • Connected devices to activate audiences


    Seamlessly connect your data with TrueData’s platform’s native integrations so you don't have to lift a finger.

  • match first party data to mobile devices


    Within minutes, our system matches your data to mobile devices using our deterministic identity graph.

  • activate audiences on any platform


    The match file appears as an audience in the platform which can now be activated against thousands of mobile attributes or delivered immediately to any DSP, DMP, publisher, or social platform.

One of the largest theme parks in the US wanted to retarget customers where they currently spend the majority of their screen time - in-app. The TrueData Platform deterministically matched the user IDs of past theme park visitors to tens of millions of mobile Ad IDs. The programmatic mobile campaign produced a 47%+ greater lift in response vs other media efforts.

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