Campaign Planner: Summer Travel & Outdoor Adventures

Summer is the time to pack up the car, hop in a plane, and see the world. Last year 40% of digital travel sales—over $75B—came from mobile devices, and that number is only growing. Interestingly, smartphones drive 80% of that. You can use Twine’s app install data to reach travelers, and for an extra ROI punch you can use our device characteristics to limit your target pool to phones rather than tablets.  We have over 30 million travelers waiting for you, in a variety of sub-categories:

Target travelers with booking and review apps:

How about users of guidebooks and travel planners?

Target people looking for a place to stay:

And of course, people who love outdoor adventures:

You know what they say: a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And that step is booking time to talk with one of our account managers about how Twine can help you nail your campaign with great reach AND great ROI.

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