COVID-19: Reinvigorate Your Growth By Nudging Offline Users Online

COIVID-19 has had a negative impact on brands that are heavily dependent on their physical locations. These brands are trying to pivot their businesses and move to delivery or online. Here we present our analysis and solution for these companies. Hopefully we are helping do our part.

Only 5% of customers we saw at these QSRs own the restaurant’s app.

When delivery and direct customer relationships are more important than ever, is your brand positioned to thrive?

Only 8% of the store visitors we saw at these retailers own the store’s app.

How do these retailers engage and retain customers when they cannot be reached in the store?

Solution: point your offline customers online.

This is where TrueData’s platform can come into play to put you back on the path of growth. With our data you can reach your store visitors, before shelter-in-place orders went into effect, and nudge them into online relationships.

And leverage machine learning to make it more efficient.

If you have a file of online customers, we can onboard that CRM data to seed our models. We can analyze your online ordering customer file against our store visitation data to generate Machine Learning recommendations of audiences with a high propensity to move online.

Run our machine learning engine against any and every combination of first-party data and TrueData for audiences we guarantee will deliver growth.

Request a demo today to start converting customers from offline to online tomorrow.