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June Spotlight: Entertainment Marketing

Are you an entertainment marketer that is finding it difficult to hit your KPI targets on OTT?

According to PwC’s annual outlook, combined revenue across the entertainment industry will reach $792.3 billion by 2022 – and OTT is one of the fastest growing sectors. US OTT video revenue reached $20.1 billion in 2017, up 15.2% YoY. And while PwC predicts that growth rates will begin to slow as the market matures, revenue in this area is expected to reach $30.6 billion in 2022.

So, how can you acquire, retain, and grow your audiences across the evolving OTT sector – and create measurable lift from your campaigns? Start by identifying who your competitors’ customers are based on real-world customer behaviors, and understanding your own customers better with deterministic mobile insights you can’t get elsewhere.

With TrueData’s powerful Mobile Intelligence solution, you get access to the largest a complete customer understanding built upon 3Bn events/day across 345MM devices.

EXAMPLE USE CASE: We profiled Netflix, Hulu, and Roku to understand how users of these OTT brands fare against each other and what audience overlaps may exist. Below are a few key insights we discovered, along with actionable opportunities that could help drive acquisition, retention, and growth for each of these entertainment app brands:


INSIGHT: Over half of Netflix’s user base is female, and 2/3 of Hulu’s users also cross over to use to Netflix.
ACTION: Target Netflix’s Hulu app owners with content showcasing female leads to engage and retain the female user base.


INSIGHT: 54% of Roku users watch Netflix, which has a significant user base under 25.
ACTION: Grow this younger audience segment by reaching millennial Netflix viewers with Roku specials for students or grads.


INSIGHT: Hulu skews slightly female, and its largest age segment is between 25 and 44. Plus, 66% of Hulu viewers also watch Netflix.
ACTION: Acquire a larger market share by conquesting middle-aged male Netflix viewers.

What You Get With TrueData:

  • The most valuable insights you’ll find anywhere to benchmark your strategy against competitors
  • Opportunity to build a more complete profile of your customers and your competitors by understanding their age and gender breakdown, what carriers they use, and what apps they are most likely to have installed
  • Ability to optimize your competitive conquesting and overall product and services strategies

Request Your Own Actionable Insights For UA, Growth and Retention


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