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Nail Your Spring Campaigns With TrueData from Twine

Hitting The Road: Spring Break Travel Campaigns

Looking to reach college students booking spring break travel? Twine’s deterministic and Nielsen-verified age data can reliably get you to people between the ages of 18-24…but who wants to stop there?  Creative marketers are always looking for new ways to reach a responsive audience.  Enter Twine’s App Install Data, which shows which apps users have on their mobile devices.  Buying against these audiences allows you target them not just within apps, as with a traditional media buy, but across apps, wherever they are.

Reach College Students

Target these audiences with college and study resource apps or social apps that skew to young adults:

Reach Parents of Teenagers/Young Adults

Parents of teenagers and young adults will play a major role in decision-making for travel plans.  Each carrier has a family locator apps, which is a great way to reach this audience:

Reach Young Budget Travelers

Another creative idea: target 18-24 year-olds that also use budget travel or Euro travel apps:

Road Trip With Twine. Contact us to get full recommendations for Spring Break Audiences.

When The Bracket’s Your Racket: March Madness Campaigns

Are you promoting content or products around March Madness? Use Twine’s App Install Data to get your audience:

Reach Basketball Fans

Hit your core basketball enthusiast with sport team and basketball focused apps:

Reach General Sports Fans

Broaden your targeting with general sports apps:

Reach Sports Bettors

Reach enthusiasts willing to cheer with their wallet:

Reach Fantasy Sports Fans

Fantasy sports apps can be a great way to reach the most ardent sports enthusiasts:

This is just a quick sampling of the targeting we can do for you. Reach out to one of our account managers to get recommendations custom tailored for your campaign.

The Deadline Approaches: Tax Season Campaigns

Around tax season both businesses and individuals are looking for help in getting their taxes done. Reaching small businesses is notoriously difficult, but Twine’s App Install Data can help you reach this audience in a new and creative way.

Gig Economy Management Tools

Most of the marketplaces you might use as a customer also have dedicated apps for their service providers, a great way to reach independent business people:

Small Business Finance Tools

You can also target apps that small business owners use to manage accounting, invoicing, and handling credit cards:

Small Business Marketing Tools

Marketing tools typically used by small businesses are another great way into the audience:

We have millions of ways to reach small business owners. Contact us today to learn about more ways to put TrueData to work for your campaigns.


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