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Holiday Campaign Planner: 3 Critical Strategies to (Re)Connect to Retail Mobile Customers

Strategy 1: Stay Connected to Customers in New Ways by Leveraging Email Assets

One of the most valuable mobile marketing assets retailers can wield is a customer email list – but email marketing alone is only half the battle in establishing a long-lasting connection to your audience. There are ways to connect those same emails to mobile ads, and many traditional retailers are missing out entirely on this connective capability by not fully leveraging the email data they already own. Retailers need to make the most of every resource they have to avoid meeting the same fate as some large, legacy retailers (read: Sears and Toys “R” Us). Mobile onboarding can be a significant step in the right direction.

Twine’s Onboarding solution helps to target customers by securely matching anonymized emails with Mobile Ad IDs to create valuable matching mobile segments. This enables you to effectively reach your shoppers across any programmatic media buying platform. It’s not just simple to use, but also privacy-friendly: first, you pull the customer segment of emails that you want to retarget, then you anonymize the file via hashing and push the file to Twine. The output is a segment of devices delivered directly to your DSP or media buying environment.

As you plan out your campaigns, don’t forget that segmentation strategies can help you tailor your messaging and better your response rates. For example, you can break your email lists up by RFM categories (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) and run unique calls to action within ads targeted to each segment.

Twine’s Onboarding solution uses 100% deterministic data from +245MM real U.S. users, and helps you increase the lifetime value of key customer segments by staying connected to them in mobile. Because our Onboarding solution is quick to set up and activate, you can gain lightning-fast access to processed segments for your holiday campaigns.

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Strategy 2: Reach Potential Customers Based On Retail Locations They Have Visited

Did you know you can leverage GPS location data to zero-in on valuable retail audiences? Twine collects real-time GPS and beacon location signals across +450 apps, and maps the data to over 3.5MM Points-of-Interest (POIs) per month. You can then use this mapped data set to successfully conquest your competitor’s customers by precisely delivering the right message to exactly the right audience.

Imagine being able to expertly reach clothing aficionados with your current holiday deals by identifying the department stores or designer boutiques where they’ve recently shopped. Or presenting your brand’s latest pampering specials to beauty buyers based on the spas, salons, or cosmetic shops where they’ve had their latest appointments. How about connecting directly with wellness and nutrition gurus based on the gyms, health clubs, or yoga studios where they have worked out?

No matter what your retail sector is, Twine’s Location Data gives you access to more than 75MM monthly active users, and the locations they are shopping most, so you can then craft relevant, focused messaging to connect right to them.

Shoppers will be on the move this holiday season; make sure your brand’s mobile marketing strategy is ready to keep up.

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Strategy 3: Conquest the Competition Using App Install Data

You can’t successfully target potential consumers if you don’t know who they are. App install data is a view into the range of apps installed on a mobile device and it can offer you a better understanding of who installs your apps. It can also be used to learn more about who is installing your competitors’ apps and apps categorized by key retail segments, such as luxury shopping, parenting, and gaming.

Twine’s App Install Data gives retailers access to a very powerful asset, +245MM real, active U.S. mobile users mapped to +1000 brand and shopping app targets. You can use it to discern the relationships any consumer has with brands and retailers, and craft informed messaging to expertly conquest your competitors’ customers.

Combine Twine’s App Install Data with our custom audience profiling reports, and retailers can gain even deeper user insight into competitor affinity – that is, what other competitive apps often appear with their own app, or what other apps often appear with competitor apps. These reports can also be used to dig deep into competitors’ customer profiles by cross-referencing competitor app install data against Twine demographic and behavioral data. These rich insights can unlock new targeting opportunities and strategies.

And because Twine’s TrueData is never inferred, retailers can rely on 100% verified people-based audience profiling to reveal mobile-use patterns that you can’t find anywhere else.

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