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Video Conferencing Solutions: Who’s Using What and Why?

We’re all expecting more from video conferencing solutions now that we’re relying on them for so much of our daily business interactions. But do different audience segments prefer certain solutions over others?  We analyzed six leading services to uncover answers: Skype, Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, and Adobe Connect.

We began by comparing the relative growth of these apps since shelter-in-place orders were implemented, using data from 200MM+ monthly active US devices. Then we did a demographic analysis, filtering for age range, gender, and language. Finally, we analyzed by app ownership of education and finance apps to glean further insights. Here’s what we discovered:

Which app has seen the most growth?

Zoom started the pandemic as the clear leader, rising far above its competitors. However, as time went on, GoToMeeting has steadily gained market share. When we dug deeper into the demographic data, we started to uncover some key findings.

Who’s using which app?

Analyzing by gender revealed that the majority of Zoom users are female. That ratio is almost exactly reversed for GoToMeeting, which skews male. What’s the takeaway? Growth marketers may want to start exploring what features appeal to which genders and pursue innovation to attract new users.


Age is another key demographic factor. GoToWebinar has an older demographic on board, most likely due to its simple functionality and ability to easily increase the type size. Younger consumers prefer Skype by a significant margin, possibly because it’s free.


Are there differences among language groups? Yes. We discovered that Zoom has done a better job of acquiring US Spanish speakers – their percentage of Spanish-speaking users is more than four times that of GoToMeeting.


In the competitive world of video conferencing, you can also learn a lot about customer loyalty by examining how many customers own other video conferencing apps. On that score, GoToMeeting subscribers rank lowest on loyalty; a large percentage of their users also use Zoom, Skype, and Webex. Adobe Connect has the lowest penetration; none of the user cohorts have the Adobe Connect app.

App Overlap

With the TrueData Platform, we can discover even more about video conferencing users and their behaviors by analyzing their use of other apps. Digging deeper, we found that mobile users of both GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect are avid learners, but with very different interests. Whereas GoToMeeting users are 263 times more likely to want to learn Java than the average American, Adobe Connect users are big on business-related self-improvement, over-indexing on

Brand Affinity

These insights are not just novel. They can lead to deeper customer understanding and better audience testing decisions. The underlying data can also feed Machine Learning for highly refined audience creation. 

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