TrueData Market Research: We Profiled Five Summer Activities Apps

Now that we’ve entered the best season of the year – summer – we thought it would be a good time to see how people are using their mobile devices for summer activities. We profiled five summer activity-related apps: Chimani National Parks,, Disneyland, Fandango, and Google Trips to see what our mobile intelligence reveals about what folks do for fun and recreation during this time of the year.

  • Fandango over-indexes for male users. This is somewhat in line with the MPAA’s stats about movie attendance vs. ticket purchasers. While there is an almost even split of who actually attends movies in theaters (F-51%, M-49%), men make 53% of ticket purchases; women 47%.
  • and Chimani National Parks over-index for female users, however; compared with those two apps, it’s striking that Google Trips has a 64% male user base. Reviews on the iTunes store suggest that Google Trips lacks the functionality of more established travel apps, with one user calling it a “pocket travel guide” rather than a planner. It may be that men prefer the cliff notes version of travel guides vs. women who may prefer to do a lot more thorough planning.

  • Chimani has a large user base of adults older than 55. This is in line with the National Park Service (NPS) data which says that visitors 55 and older are overrepresented at most parks. Seniors also have access to discounted lifetime NPS passes.
  • The Fandango user base skews older, perhaps furthering evidence that Millennials and Gen Z are trading in the movie theater experience for streaming and OTT services.
  • and Google Trips over-index for adults under 35. Might this reflect the trend of Millennials seeking experiences when they travel as opposed to basic flight, hotel, or car rental information?
  • The Disneyland app overall has broad appeal. While it has an almost even male/female user base (49.34% vs. 50.66%) it slightly over-indexes for adults under 34.

  • Disneyland over indexes for English speakers, which seems unusual given its international visitors and geographic location in the United States.
  • Chimani, which is only offered in one English version, logically over indexes for English speakers.
  • has a large non-English-speaking user base, which may be due to its availability in more than 40 languages. This may be their secret strategy for customer acquisition in the hyper-competitive travel space.

  • Travelers value choice over app brand loyalty – users also tend to have other travel apps. They are 10.3x, 10.7x, and 13.9x more likely than the general population to have the Travelocity, Hotwire, and Trivago apps, respectively.
  • Folks still enjoy summer nights out on the town, where the traditional combo of dinner and a movie is alive and well – Fandango users are 20x more likely than the general population to also have the OpenTable app on their mobile devices.
  • There’s a place for mobile tech in the great outdoors – 16.7% of Chimani National Park users also use AllTrails. In addition, Chimani users are 39.5x more likely to also have PlantNet Plant Identification and 35.5x more likely to also have Offline Survival Manual.
  • Summer doesn’t necessarily mean school’s out – The Happiest Place on Earth attracts a lot of lifelong learners. Disneyland app users over index for Lynda (198x), Learn Python (155x), and/or Left v. Right Brain Training (177x) on their phones.

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