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Moms, Dads, Grads, And More: Targeting Ideas For Your Seasonal Campaigns


Are you planning marketing campaigns for the spring and summer? Looking to expand your reach beyond the usual demographic categories? At Twine, we’re excited about the unique targeting opportunities made possible by our App Install Data.

An App Install Profile is a snapshot of the complete set of apps a user has on their mobile device; unlike a traditional mobile media buy, where a person has to be using a targeted app to see an ad, with App Install Data you can, for example, find a user of a particular banking app and then target their mobile ad ID, which will let you reach them in whichever app they are in.  It’s an incredibly powerful way to extend your reach. Possible targeting ideas are limited only by your imagination.

Read on for some suggestions about how to supplement your upcoming campaigns with App Install Data from Twine.

Mom & Dad

Mother’s Day is in May, Father’s Day is in June, and both are rich marketing opportunities for retailers, restaurants, and greeting card sellers. According to research by Fundivo, spending on presents for both days follows very similar trends. It is highest for people from 18-44 years of age, with a peak at 25-34, and most gifts are purchased in department stores. And according to DealNews, people with kids are less likely to buy presents for their own parents, as their time and money gets absorbed by their offspring.

So what does that suggest for App Install targeting? To supplement a basic age segment, reach known shoppers by targeting users who who have department store apps installed:

If you want more scale, add other shopping apps:

Media dollars limited?  If you want to narrow your list, remove parents:

And there you have it, a deterministic, behavior-driven segment of likely gift-givers

Contact us to talk about more ways to reach your audience with Twine


In 2018 there will be an estimated 3.6M people getting high school degrees and 4.1M people getting associates, bachelors, masters, and other college degrees. How can you use App Install data to reach the proud parents of these graduates?

Parents use family locators to track active older kids:

Study schedule apps help parents track their kids’ high school schedules and assignments:

And apps that help users with student loans or scholarships are definitely in the sweet spot:

Using simple demographics you can guess at who might be the parents of graduates. But with Twine’s App Install data, you can get much closer.

Reach out to discuss more ways to reach parents.

Baseball Fans

Play ball!  The 2018 Major League baseball season is getting started, and according to Gallup 48% of Americans describe themselves as baseball fans. If you have baseball-related products or content to market, this is a great time to tap into the enthusiasm that comes with the start of a new season.

With Twine’s App Install data, you can reach millions of baseball fans through league and team apps:

And if you want to expand your reach you can target general sports apps and fantasy:

And for another creative way to reach your audience, target people who play baseball games:

Contact us today to learn about more ways to put App Install Data to work for your sports marketing campaigns or read our Sports Marketing One Sheeter.


TrueData Introduces Confidence Scoring: Elevating Data Quality and Control
TrueData Introduces Confidence Scoring: Elevating Data Quality and Control
TrueData Introduces Confidence Scoring: Elevating Data Quality and Control
Invest in Open Internet Solutions
Invest in Open Internet Solutions
Invest in Open Internet Solutions
TrueData Unlocks Precision with Household and Person IDs
TrueData Unlocks Precision with Household and Person IDs
TrueData Unlocks Precision with Household and Person IDs

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