Study Reveals Our ML Algorithms Are Significantly More Predictive Under COVID

Understanding and predicting consumer behavior accurately is the holy grail of marketing. When you can better predict consumer behavior, you can target audience segments more precisely and effectively drive up ROAS.  But who can feel comfortable predicting consumer behavior in a pandemic – when virtually all consumer behavior has been disrupted? If you can’t be sure of your base assumptions … Read More

TrueData’s Target Outcome Modeling Just Got More Powerful

Our Machine Learning Platform 2.0 is now live with GPS visitation data of 150 million active users! Now, you can not only understand your customer’s commercial footprint (as introduced in our previous post) but more importantly, predict and target those who are most likely to visit your stores and/or get them to download your app. Need proof? Here’s a case study … Read More

Retail and Delivery: How You Can Profit by Getting Consumers What They Need

The global pandemic has created once-in-a-lifetime challenges for many businesses – most notably, brick-and-mortar retailers. However, the situation is also opening new opportunities for growth. We decided to seek them out. How bad is it? We did a footfall analysis using GPS location visitation data from 2/1 to 3/28, the time period that captures the pandemic outbreak. The location data … Read More

COVID-19: Reinvigorate Your Growth By Nudging Offline Users Online

COIVID-19 has had a negative impact on brands that are heavily dependent on their physical locations. These brands are trying to pivot their businesses and move to delivery or online. Here we present our analysis and solution for these companies. Hopefully we are helping do our part. Only 5% of customers we saw at these QSRs own the restaurant’s app. … Read More