One Solution to Drive Your Growth

Brand marketers and mobile app publishers need a trusted data partner to help them deliver growth and gain better competitive and customer understanding - all while retaining full control of their own data and maintaining privacy compliance.  TrueData is that partner, providing a privacy-first platform for onboarding, audiences, and analytics that drives deeper customer understanding and proven growth.

Audience Marketing

Find The Right Audience

For too long, you’ve lacked access to meaningful, actionable data about the customers you’re trying to reach, leading to poorly-focused campaigns and low ROI. TrueData provides verified, high-quality mobile data to help you build unique audiences you won’t find elsewhere, and delivers them anywhere you deploy digital media dollars.
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  • Comprehensive Identity Graph

    Anonymously connect your CRM data to digital identities.

  • Better Audience Testing

    Use your first-party data to seed audience suggestions, then go test for higher ROAS.

  • Easy Omnichannel Activation

    Leverage data in any media channel or on any screen.

Customer + Market Intelligence

Learn More About Your Customers

Until now, you’ve only had access to basic mobile intelligence on your users. TrueData delivers more, enabling you to gain competitive insights across a wide range of data signals.
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  • Multiple Data Types

    Take smarter actions against your target audiences by analyzing brands they associate with, mobile apps they use, locations they visit, mobile hardware characteristics, demographics, and more.

  • Seamless Mobile Intelligence

    Analyze the customers of 6,000 major companies, all within an intuitive interface that explores hundreds of mobile attributes across billions of data points.

  • Privacy Compliance

    Safely access rich data sets without having to master the requirements of GDPR or CCPA.


Connect Your Users To Mobile Identities

Most brands have a major disconnect between customers and their digital devices, creating gaps in data and intelligence that limit the performance of marketing efforts.TrueData bridges those gaps, deterministically and anonymously linking people to digital devices with the industry’s largest and most accurate Mobile Identity Graph.
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  • How It Works

    Simply upload your anonymized customer data into the platform using our drag and drop UI, and we will produce a matched digital audience of verified Mobile Ad IDs.

  • Benefits to Marketers

    We can help you understand your customers better than you have before—plus unlock ways to reach more people that look like your best customers.


TrueData: Designed For Privacy

Privacy has been at the core of our business since we opened our doors. Every publisher we onboard goes through a strict privacy audit to ensure that they adhere to best practices and consistently protect users’ data privacy rights. This assures you that all data in the TrueData platform has been scrupulously vetted with a keen eye for privacy. You can feel confident we’ve taken all necessary steps to protect users—and you. Read our statement on privacy here.