Data-as-a-Service For Better Testing And Targeting

For a decade, companies have been buying audiences the same way: selecting attributes that seem like they would drive the right outcomes, spending tens of thousands of dollars in media and data, and then being disappointed by how few audiences actually work.

Our solution is superior because we take the guesswork out of audience selection and make testing truly affordable. TrueData makes audience selection easier and more effective by using your first-party data to seed our audience recommendation engine.  We also give you unlimited impressions to serve for a simple platform rate—that encourages testing and gets you to growth a lot faster.


An Easier Way to Find Data That Works

With TrueData’s intelligence-driven platform, you can upload audiences that have the characteristics you’d like more of, like frequent spenders or repeat purchasers. Our machine learning engine suggests new audiences for you to test. And we can push them to most any media channel and any screen with just a few clicks.    Audience selection has never been easier and less risky.
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Control Your Data Costs

With traditional CPM-based pricing models, trying new audience segments and types of data can be expensive and ineffective. But with TrueData’s innovative all-you-can-eat model, you pay one flat price to try new segments, run tests, and find what works without driving up costs. That means more predictability for your budget - and better ROI for your campaigns. Choose from thousands of different audiences:

  • App Ownership: Select from 6,000+ apps to reach consumer interests and brand relationships
  • Demographics: Sort by age, gender (optimized by Experian), and/or language
  • Device Characteristics: Choose users of specific mobile device models, manufacturers, carriers, or operating systems
  • Place Visitation Data: Select customers who have visited specific retail locations in a specific time period.
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Are You Stretched Too Thin To Test New Data?

Testing and retesting new audience segments can be a full-time job - and yet it’s only a tiny slice of what most marketers have to do. That’s why TrueData’s platform makes it easy to get new audience suggestions. You simply tell us what you’re looking for and TrueData’s platform will suggest new audiences to try. Whether you’re trying to get new customers, increase orders, or deepen engagement, you get better results and better ROI.
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Data Where You Need It

TrueData’s audiences are 100% mobile-sourced—but they can be easily activated omnichannel, making our platform ideal for any digital campaign. We start with mobile, but you decide where to activate our data and run your ads: desktop, mobile, social, OTT/CTV, martech platforms, and more.

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The Best Brands In The World Trust The trueData platform

250+ household name brands have chosen TrueData for their audience marketing needs. They span major verticals, from retail to quick-serve restaurants, and digital goods to financial services.  Join them in seeing how TrueData can transform your business.
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TrueData: Designed For Privacy

Privacy has been at the core of our business since we opened our doors. Every publisher we onboard goes through a strict privacy audit to ensure that they adhere to best practices and consistently protect users’ data privacy rights. This assures you that all data in the TrueData platform has been scrupulously vetted with a keen eye for privacy. You can feel confident we’ve taken all necessary steps to protect users—and you. Read our statement on privacy here.