TrueData Market Research: TrueData Profiles 5 Top Basketball Apps

March Madness is upon us again. So, we took on the theme of basketball and profiled five of the top basketball-related apps – NBA, NBA Live (gaming), DraftKings, Nike, NCAA March Madness, and Golden State Warriors – to see what we could find about these seemingly similar audiences.

We concluded that not all basketball fans are created equal, and came across some real surprises in our TrueData analysis. Can you guess which app has the highest ratio of female users? Or how about which app has the highest number of users who speak a language other than English or Spanish? Check out some of our findings below:

  • DraftKings and Nike both have the most female users, which may make sense for Nike, as it’s a fashion retailer, but it is surprising for DraftKings, as playing the draft would be assumed to be male-dominated.
  • NCAA March Madness, on the other hand, has the highest male user base at a significant 77.36%.
  • NBA Live users skew heavily young – half of the users are under 24 – which follows the demographics of a typical game app rather than a core sports app.
  • Golden State Warriors app users also index strong in the under-24 age brackets; perhaps the recent success of the franchise has attracted some young fair weather fans.
  • NCAA March Madness, surprisingly, is not a college kid app. It skews the oldest of the apps profiled, particularly with 45-64 year olds.
  • Nike has the highest number of users who speak a language other than English or Spanish – which may be indicative of their international brand appeal
  • NCAA March Madness is the only app with an almost 100% English-speaking user base
  • The core basketball apps, NCAA, Golden State, and NBA all seem to cross index really well against each other. In fact NBA app installers are 101x more likely to have the Golden State app than the U.S. population.
  • DraftKings surprisingly doesn’t index as highly for the core basketball apps. Users may be interested in other sports or in fantasy alone.  
  • Nike users clearly love the sport. They are 14x more likely to install the NCAA app than the U.S. population.

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