Campaign Planner: Back To School

No matter how old we get, April makes us turn our mind to the last days of school. But our team has been out talking to marketers, and planning for Back To School is already underway! Last year families spent an average of $687 each getting new clothes and supplies for their students. Twine’s App Install data gives you some new and interesting ways to aim for some of those dollars:

If you only target on demographics, you *might* get parents. But if you combine that with mobile users who use mobile family tracking apps, you are definitely hitting the spot :

These study and classroom apps help parents keep track of their kids’ busy schedules:

And of course, why not target users who are already devoted customers of budget-friendly stores?

Ding-ding! Twine is in session. One of our account managers would be happy to work with you to come up a list of targeting recommendations that will help you reach people sending their kids back to school.

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