Can mobile phone language settings help travel and hospitality marketers?

The answer won’t surprise you – of course these signals can help travel and hospitality marketers. But making use of this data may nuanced by brand. We examined the app customers of three hospitality brands, Marriott (whose app is Bonvoy), Airbnb, and, to see what we could unearth. Our analysis of Mother Tongue shows Korean stands out. Airbnb US … Read More

Decoding the QSR consumer behavioral genome via mobile data

Just like genetic code, customers are complex. If you want to understand consumers today and decode their behavioral genome, mobile data presents a great opportunity. Here we explore the mobile data of four major QSRs – Panera, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Domino’s – to decode their consumers. Let’s break some bread and dig into the data: Looking at gender for … Read More