What’s New At TrueData: Fall In Love With Our Newest Mobile Intelligence Platform

As if understanding the true mobile behaviors, demographics, and psychographics of your users wasn’t enough of a reason to adore our Mobile Intelligence Platform, we’ve released a new feature that allows you to download the top 1,000 apps your users have installed most. How did we do it? We combined cutting-edge data science with TrueData, Twine’s research-grade mobile data, to select the most relevant and important apps across all major app categories.

Why does this matter? Seeing a deeper range of apps, facilitates a deeper customer understanding, and you don’t need to be educated on the benefits of that. In addition, you should see some material improvements to your customer acquisition campaigns. Knowing what other apps your users frequent will improve targeting and  drive lower CPIs. It’s a match made in #TrueData heaven.

Plus, if you integrate with Twine in Q1, you will get a custom analysis of any two app user cohorts you define (e.g., high-value and low-value app users). What’s not to love?

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