What Does Truth Mean to You? Here is What it Means to Us.

Our vision is to be the arbiter of Truth in Data, and our new name, TrueData, fully reflects that vision. Truth may mean a lot of different things to different people, but here is what it means to us.  

Truth in Data

There are a lot of ways to build digital data sets. Most data companies cut corners, and that invariably takes them on a path away from the Truth. Data is a game of scale and without it you don’t get a seat at the table, and unfortunately the market incentives are directly responsible for the quality problems that they create. Some companies may start with a truth set but then rely on models to probabilistically expand them. Other companies try to capture any data they can, with disregard for licensing rights that they may have. This may include hijacking notoriously low-quality RTB bid stream data. And many more are willing to turn a blind eye to quality problems because they think deleting data does not help the bottom line. In fact for these companies more data usually means more short-term dollars and bad data can often generate as much revenue as good data. We don’t think this is a good long term business approach. Bad data takes TrueData away from our mission, and we take inordinate steps to clean it out. Most of the data we get is set aside and passed up. And we don’t accept modelled data or bid stream data.  

Truth in Identity

Most media consumption screens, from theatres to TV sets to computers, are shared. But of all these devices, there is only one that fits in your pocket: your smartphone. In fact, smartphones are the most personal media consumption device ever to exist. As a result they are the most personally connected to consumers and the most accurate way to reach actual people. Mobile thus represents the apex of people-based marketing and people-based data. We take an extra step towards the Truth with our ID graph, where we connect anonymized people IDs to real Mobile Ad IDs. The result is an unprecedented and privacy-safe mechanism to drive a better customer understanding and connect real customers to real mobile data.

Truth in Privacy

Privacy has been neglected by our industry. There has not been enough self regulation and there is a dearth of industry leadership in this area. Too many companies are happy to operate in the grey areas of privacy policies and ad tech terms of service.  It is time for a new approach that truly offers the consumer an ability to opt out or opt in. It’s time for there to be more Truth and transparency on what happens with consumer data and how it is used. In mobile we are starting with a great foundation—Mobile Ad IDs are the most privacy-friendly digital advertising identifiers in market because they can be changed or blocked with a few clicks on your device, unlike cookies which have to be blocked or deleted one by one. On top of that, TrueData adds in serious vetting of all publishers and downstream users of our data. For consumers we offer multiple ways to opt out, either via the relationships they have with their apps or with TrueData directly. And in the near future we will allow consumers a robust platform for managing consent ahead of new US and state privacy regulations. Now how is that for industry leadership?

Truth in Customer Intelligence

There is no better way to understand consumers today than through the anonymous big data collected on mobile devices. If companies are trying to better understand their customers, why are they reliant on archaic surveys, offline data sets, or cookie-first data stacks? Should they not have a mobile first analytics stack? We think so, and we think that there is more customer Truth in mobile data than in any other data set. We start with a look at your customers, and can decode that against over 60,000 mobile attributes. Think of it as profiling your best data, customer data, using  the best data we can collect. The result is a rich and true customer understanding that can unlock better product, customer retention, and customer acquisition strategies.

Truth in Audience Targeting

Data-driven digital marketing is about optimizing against three dimensions: media buying tools, media placement, and target audiences. Let’s be honest, when it comes to third party audience data most of it is really bad. That drives market distrust and a reputation problem that affects all data companies both good and bad. We don’t pretend that our data is ideal for every use case, but we do believe in hypothesis generation and test design to identify data signals and resulting audiences that might be effective for your campaigns. Our partnership-driven approach gets better targeting results and keep our partners coming back for more. For us targeting is not about one campaign, it is about the utility of data to drive better campaign targeting results.

So what is TrueData? It’s our long-term approach to building better products. And changing our name has now put us in full alignment with our original and steadfast mission: to drive ubiquitous Truth in mobile data so marketers and app publishers can win.


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