COVID-19: Reinvigorate Your Growth By Nudging Offline Users Online

COIVID-19 has had a negative impact on brands that are heavily dependent on their physical locations. These brands are trying to pivot their businesses and move to delivery or online. Here we present our analysis and solution for these companies. Hopefully we are helping do our part. Only 5% of customers we saw at these QSRs own the restaurant’s app. … Read More

Shelter-In-Place Audio Streaming Brand Competitive Analysis

COVID-19 changed audio streaming behavior in multiple ways, from the services and devices people use to the content they stream. Here is a TrueData summary of some interesting trends we unearthed with our platform across some popular streaming apps: Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Castbox, Stitcher. Which App is Getting the Biggest Share of Category Growth? In this app growth analysis … Read More

POI Audiences Now Live In The Platform

We’re very excited to announce that you can now build Point-of-Interest (PoI) location-based audiences in the TrueData Mobile Intelligence Platform. This feature is powered by TrueData’s deterministic GPS location graph of over 130MM monthly active US users mapped to over 5.4MM points of interest. This brand new platform feature allows you to unlock powerful mobile signals to scale your growth. … Read More

Mobile data shows just how regional coffee brands really are

We know coffee enthusiasts are typically loyal to specific brands, but what can mobile data reveal about these brands’ marketing reach? Our analysis of three coffee retailers, Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Caribou Coffee, shows that while some brands appeal to certain age groups or gender, coffee customers may be engaging with brands that speak to their regional … Read More

What can device language settings tell us about retail customers?

Assuming your best customers only speak English can greatly limit your growth. Ahead of the busiest shopping season of the year, we took the language lens to six major retailers: three multichannel brands (JCPenney, Famous Footwear, and Forever 21) and three online-only brands (Zappos, Shein, and Stitch Fix) to explore how these retailers are doing with Spanish-speaking consumers. We analyzed … Read More

Football Season: How are people engaging with the #1 sport in America?

Football fans are turning to mobile to engage with their favorite teams, and are using a diverse set of apps for varied experiences. We profiled five of the top sports apps and found that fans are using them to engage with the game in very different ways: To Watch –> NFL Sunday Ticket To Listen –> TuneIn To Attend –> … Read More

Can mobile phone language settings help travel and hospitality marketers?

The answer won’t surprise you – of course these signals can help travel and hospitality marketers. But making use of this data may nuanced by brand. We examined the app customers of three hospitality brands, Marriott (whose app is Bonvoy), Airbnb, and, to see what we could unearth. Our analysis of Mother Tongue shows Korean stands out. Airbnb US … Read More

Decoding the QSR consumer behavioral genome via mobile data

Just like genetic code, customers are complex. If you want to understand consumers today and decode their behavioral genome, mobile data presents a great opportunity. Here we explore the mobile data of four major QSRs – Panera, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Domino’s – to decode their consumers. Let’s break some bread and dig into the data: Looking at gender for … Read More

Stories of Success: Music App Keeps Costs Low, Data Quality High

Challenge: A top music streaming app wanted to collect its users’ app ownership, bluetooth, location, and device characteristic data, but with minimal data engineering effort and storage costs. Approach: The mobile app seamlessly installed our SDK for data collection, ingestion, and normalization, and received access to our full privacy-by-design Platform at no cost since the app was a contributor to … Read More