We Believe In True Data.

We are scientists, and like all good scientists we seek the Truth. We  calibrate our instruments and strive towards precision. We sharpen our sights. We measure, assess and then we calibrate again. It is a never ending process we enjoy, because the Truth is worth forever pursuing.

TrueData is a path. It is a compass. The closer we get to the truth the farther the industry seems to be from it. The more time we dedicate to it, the stronger our resolve and our purpose. It is what gets us up every morning. It is what motivates us to build the best data products in the world.

TrueData represents the longer and harder yet smarter path forward. It is crafted one data element and one byte at a time. It rejects the majority of data that is received – always seeking higher quality.  It also rejects temptations to inflate and project, to hypothesize with algorithms. It incites no rush, just the confidence that with each day it builds scale and refinement.

It is the winning strategy for a multiple iteration game.

TrueData is simply better data. It is superior because through quality and fidelity it drives results. Through its depth and diversity it facilitates ongoing optimization.

So TrueData is not just deterministic data. Deterministic data is, respectfully, the obvious starting point for any high quality data set. But from where we sit, that is not enough. TrueData recognizes that even deterministic data can be flawed. It takes further steps to verify and validate with ever improving truth sets. To benchmark against what we know to be most truthful. To make truth a virtuous cycle.

TrueData is watchful and discerning. It assumes that humans make errors and data providers can have misaligned incentives to provide scale. TrueData seeks to eliminate this noise. It looks for every opportunity to validate itself and weed out errors and bad actors. And it believes that when it comes to quality, less can be far better than more.

TrueData is representative and statistically sound. It seeks to gather data from as many vetted sources as possible to strike out panel bias. TrueData is sourced from hundreds of apps and data sources.

TrueData is also clear and direct. It is labeled descriptively and objectively. It does not hide behind fancy names (“Soccer Moms”) or abstract concepts. It does not need spin to sell itself. With TrueData what you see is what you get.

TrueData starts from a very obvious assumption—marketing should target people. And at TrueData we know that proxies are not people, cookies are not people, and IP addresses are definitely not people. On the other hand we recognize the intimate relationship people have with their smartphones. Never before has technology been so personal and so accurately mapped to individuals. Thus, we believe that mobile data is the best representation of TrueData. TrueData is about real behaviors about real people.

Finally, TrueData is true to the consumer, the creator of the data.  It believes that consumers should be given notice and choice. That consumers should be given value for their data and mobile applications should have valid business reasons to collect data. TrueData abides by privacy laws and major industry self-regulation.

Our mission is to deliver this exacting degree of truth in data to our partners and to move the industry needle toward real, vetted, quality data at scale.

So what does truth mean to you? This is what it means to us.