The TrueData Difference

If your business needs to drive growth but doesn't want to compromise on privacy compliance and transparency, it’s time to see what the TrueData Platform can do for you.

Privacy By Design

At TrueData, privacy protection is not an inconvenience—it is a source of strength. Since our founding, we have felt that data privacy is a fundamental consumer right—and table stakes for operating as a data company. We are proud that our privacy processes have passed the scrutiny of the most discerning Chief Privacy Officers in the business.

Mandated Full Disclosure

We contractually require our data suppliers’ privacy policies to detail what data types are being collected, how data will be used and shared, and how long it will be saved.

Fully Vetted Partnerships

Our compliance team puts all prospective supply and demand partners and their respective data use cases through a diligent privacy review.

Affirmative Opt-in

We review partners’ data and collection processes to make sure US data supplied conforms to the CCPA.

Thorough Opt-out Processes

We require data suppliers to provide us feeds of any users who have opted out through their system, and we require our marketing partners to honor those opt-outs. Users can also opt out through our site.

Real Data Every Time

The data we get from partners comes from the real, reported actions of actual people, every time. Why waste time and money targeting someone you only think might be a person?

Real People, Not Algorithms

Some data companies extend the size of their baseline data with modeling or guesswork. But TrueData doesn’t need to, because our mobile data set is one of the largest on the market. Our data is vetted against truth sets to ensure that it belongs to real, active devices and people. And you can extend audiences with full control of the underlying data model.

Real Attributes, Not Guesses

It’s common in the data world to assign attributes like age, gender, or location based on guesses and modeling. But with TrueData, our attributes are based on real, reported user actions.

All The Data in One Place

TrueData gives you single-source access to multiple data types, enabling more targeted and effective marketing.

Mobile Identity

TrueData can anonymously connect your customers to their mobile devices with one of the largest Mobile Identity Graphs on the market. This linking provides a rich, multidimensional understanding of your audiences and the ability to retarget them in any digital channel.

Mobile Audiences

Our mobile devices are central to our lives. TrueData offers a wide array of mobile-generated customer attributes to help you find exactly the right anonymized audience for your marketing campaign: app ownership, demographics, place visitation, device characteristics, etc.

Machine Learning

TrueData deploys advanced algorithms to help deliver insights as well as audiences to power testing and drive growth. Our models can be trained off of your performance data or our high-quality structured data, for example, visitors to your competitors’ stores.

One Platform For All Your Needs

TrueData gives both brands and mobile apps a single, comprehensive platform to achieve their marketing goals.

Collect or onboard first party data

TrueData’s Mobile Identity Graph lets you leverage your customer data by anonymously connecting your users to their mobile devices, unlocking a deeper customer understanding and extending your re-targeting reach to customers on any digital screen.

Get actionable customer and market intelligence

TrueData provides fully-verified, deterministic customer and marketing data to deepen your understanding of customers, identify growth opportunities, and strengthen loyalty.

Deliver audiences anywhere you buy media

Simply give TrueData examples of the customers you’d like to acquire more of, such as your loyal customers, and our algorithms can look into our deep matrix of customer attributes to find more audiences just like them. And with our flexible data licensing model, we offer unlimited impressions and testing to assure you hit your ROAS goals.

TrueData: Designed For Privacy

Privacy has been at the core of our business since we opened our doors. Every publisher we onboard goes through a strict privacy audit to ensure that they adhere to best practices and consistently protect users’ data privacy rights. This assures you that all data in the TrueData platform has been scrupulously vetted with a keen eye for privacy. You can feel confident we’ve taken all necessary steps to protect users—and you. Read our statement on privacy here.