Study Reveals Our ML Algorithms Are Significantly More Predictive Under COVID

Understanding and predicting consumer behavior accurately is the holy grail of marketing. When you can better predict consumer behavior, you can target audience segments more precisely and effectively drive up ROAS.  But who can feel comfortable predicting consumer behavior in a pandemic – when virtually all consumer behavior has been disrupted? If you can’t be sure of your base assumptions … Read More

How Coupon Apps Can Capture Growth In The COVID Era

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 12 years since Groupon was launched – and since then, coupon apps have become a growing, vital, and hotly-contested market. In fact, the nine coupon apps we focused on for this story are responsible for a collective 53 million downloads on Android alone. As the pandemic continues to disrupt brick-and-mortar and online retailing, … Read More

Understanding Shoppers Under COVID: A Tale Of Two Retailers

As consumers have adapted to life under COVID-19, we decided to analyze shoppers using two representative retail apps to gauge the impact of COVID-19 over time – and to see if consumer behavior under COVID could enlighten how you craft your go-forward strategy. We chose to analyze customers of two essential retailers who offered both offline and online services during … Read More

Health and Fitness Under COVID: Who’s Flexing Their Muscles Now?

The coronavirus lockdown has forced gyms and fitness studios to shutter – and now, both the fitness industry and consumers are seeking new paths forward. We were able to discover where the market is headed – without breaking a sweat – by analyzing a group of health and fitness apps that specialize in activity tracking, online training, meditation, and diet … Read More

COVID-19: Reinvigorate Your Growth By Nudging Offline Users Online

COIVID-19 has had a negative impact on brands that are heavily dependent on their physical locations. These brands are trying to pivot their businesses and move to delivery or online. Here we present our analysis and solution for these companies. Hopefully we are helping do our part. Only 5% of customers we saw at these QSRs own the restaurant’s app. … Read More

Shelter-In-Place Audio Streaming Brand Competitive Analysis

COVID-19 changed audio streaming behavior in multiple ways, from the services and devices people use to the content they stream. Here is a TrueData summary of some interesting trends we unearthed with our platform across some popular streaming apps: Deezer, Tidal, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Castbox, Stitcher. Which App is Getting the Biggest Share of Category Growth? In this app growth analysis … Read More