Stories of Success: Be Still Our Hearts, Twine Delivers Double-Digit Lift

The Challenge: A top-3 national broadcast network had its heart set on reaching two distinct segments, Cord Cutters and Traditional Cable Subscribers, in order to upsell and cross-sell its services more effectively.

The Approach: Twine’s deterministic TrueData was utilized to pinpoint Cord Cutters and Traditional Cable Subscribers based on the apps downloaded on their devices. The data was then pushed to the network’s TradeDesk DSP seat so that the audiences could be uniquely targeted.

The Result: Based on third-party reporting, Twine provided a double-digit lift in the advertiser’s streaming app downloads, and data budget allocation to Twine more than doubled month over month. It’s better than heart-shaped chocolates, it’s the power of TrueDataTM.


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