Retail and Delivery: How You Can Profit by Getting Consumers What They Need

The global pandemic has created once-in-a-lifetime challenges for many businesses – most notably, brick-and-mortar retailers. However, the situation is also opening new opportunities for growth. We decided to seek them out.

How bad is it?

We did a footfall analysis using GPS location visitation data from 2/1 to 3/28, the time period that captures the pandemic outbreak. The location data on 2/1 was set as the index (1.0) to diagram the trend. To get a baseline across multiple consumer activities, we compared clothing retail (Kohl’s), exercise (Planet Fitness), automotive (Shell Oil), and vacation (Walt Disney Parks and Resorts).

The data clearly shows (no surprise) how massively the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted consumers’ daily life and the brick-and-mortar economy. The drop is consistent across all destinations except automotive. Apparently, people are still driving even though they’re not visiting the places they usually frequent.

Place visitation data benchmarked on Feb. (1.0)

A look at Costco, Kroger, and Walmart traffic shows that grocery trips surged during the early stages of the pandemic as shoppers stocked up, but quickly declined.

There was a corresponding increase in the delivery service business, with grocery shopper InstaCart rising sharply beyond restaurant deliverers GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

App install data benchmarked on Jan.1 (1.0)
What’s the answer? The “TrueData Shelter-in-Place Growth Solution.”

If your business is suffering because store visits are down, you need to take action by driving more online or delivery orders. We can help with what we call the “TrueData Shelter-In-Place Growth Solution.” It uses a combination of your data and ours to move your consumers into online or delivery ordering.

Here’s how it works. We start by analyzing your online ordering customer file against our store visitation data. We then use Machine Learning to process this data against billions of other data points. This analysis produces recommendations of audiences with a high propensity to do business with you online. You can activate those audiences anywhere you buy media.

3-Step Methodology

Don’t wait for those customers to walk back into your store. Request a demo today to start converting them from offline to online.