Get More Out Of Your First-Party Data

Today, most brands have a major disconnect between their customers and their digital devices, creating gaps in data and intelligence.

With TrueData, non-technical users can easily onboard first-party CRM data with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Our identity graph links your customers to their mobile devices unlocking very effective digital retargeting. These newly created mobile identities can be further profiled against thousands of TrueData attributes, deepening customer understanding.


Real Data Means Real Results

Black box onboarders typically use models and algorithms to map CRM data to mobile devices. But besides costing you a lot, this approach is imprecise and still delivers low match rates.

All the connections in TrueData’s Mobile Identity Graph are generated by real, verified user actions and confirmed by external truth sets. That means higher fidelity, better matches, and superior results for you.

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Mobile-First Data Means Swift Matches

Onboarding providers can require as much as a week to deliver matches. Traditional onboarders launched their products mapping CRM lists to desktop cookies—Mobile Ad IDs were an afterthought. But TrueData’s foundation is in mobile, enabling us to match to CRM within minutes via our self-serve platform. When you need to get your campaigns done fast, every minute counts.
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Privacy Makes A Difference

If your onboarding partner just started looking at privacy in the last few months, it could put you at risk of violating privacy regulations. TrueData has been a leader in privacy from the very beginning, vetting every partner against our own strict guidelines. The TrueData Platform is built for the regulatory future, helping you onboard customer data safely in compliance with the myriad of privacy laws.
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Your Data, Your Control

Most onboarders lock you into their proprietary IDs, limiting the value you can unlock from your own data. Not TrueData. We allow our clients to leverage our data to build and manage their own Identity Graphs, giving them more control.
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How It Works

TrueData has one of the largest Mobile Identity Graphs on the market, to give you powerful onboarding capabilities.

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  • You Upload Your Data

    The onboarding process begins when you upload a list of anonymized or “hashed” emails into the TrueData platform.

  • TrueData Matches It

    Within minutes, our system matches your data to mobile devices using our deterministic identity graph.

  • You Receive Your File

    The resulting match file appears as an audience in the platform which can now be analyzed against thousands of mobile attributes or delivered immediately to any DSP, DMP, publisher, or social platform.

The Best Brands In The World Trust The trueData platform

250+ household name brands have chosen TrueData for their audience marketing needs. They span major verticals, from retail to quick-serve restaurants, and digital goods to financial services.  Join them in seeing how TrueData can transform your business.
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TrueData: Designed For Privacy

Privacy has been at the core of our business since we opened our doors. Every publisher we onboard goes through a strict privacy audit to ensure that they adhere to best practices and consistently protect users’ data privacy rights. This assures you that all data in the TrueData platform has been scrupulously vetted with a keen eye for privacy. You can feel confident we’ve taken all necessary steps to protect users—and you. Read our statement on privacy here.