Innovative Use Cases of the TrueData SDK

We love working with our hundreds of publishers to uncover novel ways to further extend our technology to solve pain points and drive revenue; user acquisition; data science efforts; and more. This month, we’ve highlighted three use cases where we’ve worked with publishers to leverage our SDK technology to address specific pain points with innovative solutions.


PAIN: “I want to better understand the difference between app users (e.g., free users versus in-app purchasers) but I don’t have much data to work with.”

SOLUTION: Many publishers at TrueData enable custom in-app events in our SDK allowing them to pass events such as upgrades, in-app purchases (IAP), etc. to the TrueData platform. These events can be segmented out as unique cohorts to profile. Publishers can finally gain an understanding of the differences between key user segments across billions of TrueData points covering demographics, app affinity, device characteristics, and a lot more. In the end, you will be able to have actionable data on what makes good or bad customers to improve your product and marketing initiatives.


PAIN: “I wish I knew what other apps my users had on their devices to help me better target users for user acquisition.”

SOLUTION: TrueData’s SDK can seamlessly map the app graph your users have on their devices and stream this back to you for your own internal products. Further, we can provide insights from TrueData’s own data sets about how your users over or under index for these apps versus the average mobile user. In the end, you will have a deeper understanding of your app customers to boost the performance of your UA campaigns.


PAIN: “I have lots of apps I manage, but it’s hard to collect normalized data across them for data science and product efforts.”

SOLUTION: TrueData’s SDK collects data in the same format with high fidelity across all owned and operated properties. This can be made available in a raw format for any publisher to ingest into their own systems. Ultimately, you will have more complete customer data, collected with higher fidelity, at no cost to you.


Publishers, we’ve been listening. And we’ve built a tool that can help ease the pains presented by lack of accurate, actionable intelligence on your mobile users. Contact us to learn more or share other pain points you’re having – we’re here to help.

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