Fall Campaign Planner: Reach Holiday Entertainers Ready to Celebrate

Party planners are on the lookout for event prep ideas, decor tips, and tasty recipes to help them throw their best bashes this season. And because inspiration increasingly comes from their mobile devices, holiday hosts typically rely on a combination of mobile apps to bring their visions to life. If you are a CPG or consumer brand trying to reach these big holiday entertainment spenders, niche-targeting can net you a great ROAS on your holiday media dollars.

Adding Twine to the “guest list” for your media plan is the first step – our App Install data can help you identify exactly which apps holiday hosts use to plan their holiday get-togethers so you can reach them with precise messaging. We have more than 109 million unique mobile users across our planning, decor, and food categories:

Connect with crafty coordinators:

Reach decorators who want to bring their designs to life:

And of course, for the foodies behind the feast:

Planning the perfect holiday get-together may be tricky, but targeting the right customers shouldn’t be. Get the party started by contacting a Twine account manager to learn more about how our App Install data can help you gain rich cross-app insight into your customers, just in time for the holidays.

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