Fall Campaign Planner: Snag Black Friday & Cyber Monday Retail Shoppers

Last year more than 174 million Americans did their shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, spending over $58 billion on a combination of online and in-store purchases.

And while mobile shopping is at an all-time high, research by the NRR reveals that about 60% of holiday consumers say it’s the shopping experience that matters: they’re looking for special events hosted by retailers, including the ability to try out products, exclusive access to sales, demos, and product tutorials, all of which help them make purchase decisions. Unfortunately, finding affordable ways to niche-target shoppers is always a challenge during the holiday season, especially over the Thanksgiving weekend. How do you reach consumers who want to hear about what unique shopping experiences your brand can offer?

With Twine’s 100% deterministic App Install solution, you can connect with users based on any one of +1,000 brand and shopping apps they already have installed. By reaching consumers based on the relationships they have with complementary or competitive brands, you can precisely target shoppers who want to know what events, product promotions, and exclusive experiences your brand has available:

Conquest users from other top retail brands and big-box retailers:

Reach tech or electronics enthusiasts:

Or connect with beauty buyers:

This year, make sure the turkey isn’t the only thing prepped before Thanksgiving – contact a Twine account manager to learn how our App Install data can help set up your holiday ad targeting strategy for success.

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