Stories of Success: Music App Keeps Costs Low, Data Quality High

Challenge: A top music streaming app wanted to collect its users’ app ownership, bluetooth, location, and device characteristic data, but with minimal data engineering effort and storage costs. Approach: The mobile app seamlessly installed our SDK for data collection, ingestion, and normalization, and received access to our full privacy-by-design Platform at no cost since the app was a contributor to … Read More

Stories of Success: Custom Audiences Cut Top-10 Retailer’s CPA by 50%

Challenge: A top-10 retailer wanted to identify and target customers with competitor apps downloaded. Approach: The retailer used the TrueData Platform to analyze other apps that indexed highly against the retailer’s app. Our platform revealed that the “DIY” segment was pronounced across both the retailer and competitor apps. Armed with this intelligence, the client immediately implemented this segment into their … Read More

Stories of Success: Gaming App Gains 110% Lift in ROAS

Challenge: A top casual gaming app publisher was not reaching its D7 ROAS benchmark with traditional retargeting and lookalike Facebook audiences.  Approach: The TrueData Platform showed that the app’s users were 10-21x more likely to have five competitive apps installed on their device. The TrueData Audience Segment was fed into Facebook and tested against the existing lookalike audience campaign. Results: … Read More

Stories of Success: 18% Lift Delivered for Top-5 National Bank

Challenge: A top-5 bank wanted to drive new applications for a consumer credit card by reaching people who had competitive financial apps, on-demand delivery apps, and travel/entertainment apps.  Approach: TrueData delivered a set of custom audiences based on users who owned apps in the aforementioned categories, along with rich, demographic mobile data on competitors’ users to further refine the client’s … Read More