Driving Holiday Spending Success in 2020

The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching – and not a moment too soon! For retailers and the brands they stock, 2020 has been the most challenging year ever, and so much is riding on how they perform during their busiest season. In our conversations with these companies, they’ve told us that they’re trying to retain share of wallet as they … Read More

Stories of Success: App Scores 22% Lift In Installs

The Challenge: a top-3 Fantasy Sports App needed to drive app installs. The NFL season was about to start and the campaign had to be turned around in less than a week. The Approach: TrueData media planners created a custom audience of NFL fans, made up of people who have NFL-related apps installed on their mobile phones. The Result: The … Read More

Fall Campaign Planner: Reach Holiday Entertainers Ready to Celebrate

Party planners are on the lookout for event prep ideas, decor tips, and tasty recipes to help them throw their best bashes this season. And because inspiration increasingly comes from their mobile devices, holiday hosts typically rely on a combination of mobile apps to bring their visions to life. If you are a CPG or consumer brand trying to reach … Read More

Fall Campaign Planner: Snag Black Friday & Cyber Monday Retail Shoppers

Last year more than 174 million Americans did their shopping between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, spending over $58 billion on a combination of online and in-store purchases. And while mobile shopping is at an all-time high, research by the NRR reveals that about 60% of holiday consumers say it’s the shopping experience that matters: they’re looking for special events … Read More

Campaign Planner: Cord Cutters

The number of homes without any cable service has more than tripled in the past couple of years. And mobile is at the center of that. Why get a cable subscription when you can stream the content you want straight to your phone or tablet, or cast it from there to your TV? As this market evolves, competition for the … Read More

Campaign Planner: Summer Travel & Outdoor Adventures

Summer is the time to pack up the car, hop in a plane, and see the world. Last year 40% of digital travel sales—over $75B—came from mobile devices, and that number is only growing. Interestingly, smartphones drive 80% of that. You can use Twine’s app install data to reach travelers, and for an extra ROI punch you can use our … Read More

Campaign Planner: Back To School

No matter how old we get, April makes us turn our mind to the last days of school. But our team has been out talking to marketers, and planning for Back To School is already underway! Last year families spent an average of $687 each getting new clothes and supplies for their students. Twine’s App Install data gives you some … Read More