Study Reveals Our ML Algorithms Are Significantly More Predictive Under COVID

Understanding and predicting consumer behavior accurately is the holy grail of marketing. When you can better predict consumer behavior, you can target audience segments more precisely and effectively drive up ROAS.  But who can feel comfortable predicting consumer behavior in a pandemic – when virtually all consumer behavior has been disrupted? If you can’t be sure of your base assumptions … Read More

How Coupon Apps Can Capture Growth In The COVID Era

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 12 years since Groupon was launched – and since then, coupon apps have become a growing, vital, and hotly-contested market. In fact, the nine coupon apps we focused on for this story are responsible for a collective 53 million downloads on Android alone. As the pandemic continues to disrupt brick-and-mortar and online retailing, … Read More

In-App Contextual Advertising In An IDFA-Less World

With the iOS 14 announcement, a lot of app publishers are fretting about their revenue. When cookies were deprecated on Safari, publishers saw monetization rates drop well below 50%. For most smaller app publishers, life without IDFA will be the kiss of death. Larger publishers may have the resources and the scale to weather the storm. With addressability becoming less … Read More

Understanding Shoppers Under COVID: A Tale Of Two Retailers

As consumers have adapted to life under COVID-19, we decided to analyze shoppers using two representative retail apps to gauge the impact of COVID-19 over time – and to see if consumer behavior under COVID could enlighten how you craft your go-forward strategy. We chose to analyze customers of two essential retailers who offered both offline and online services during … Read More

TrueData’s Target Outcome Modeling Just Got More Powerful

Our Machine Learning Platform 2.0 is now live with GPS visitation data of 150 million active users! Now, you can not only understand your customer’s commercial footprint (as introduced in our previous post) but more importantly, predict and target those who are most likely to visit your stores and/or get them to download your app. Need proof? Here’s a case study … Read More

A Complete Platform for Growth

What do we mean when we say TrueData is a “growth platform”? We help brands, mobile publishers, and agencies accelerate growth in three ways: 1) by unlocking more value from first-party data; 2) by building deeper customer and competitor insights; 3) by delivering machine-learning audiences that are guaranteed to deliver ROI. Let’s take a closer look at how all the … Read More

Retail and Delivery: How You Can Profit by Getting Consumers What They Need

The global pandemic has created once-in-a-lifetime challenges for many businesses – most notably, brick-and-mortar retailers. However, the situation is also opening new opportunities for growth. We decided to seek them out. How bad is it? We did a footfall analysis using GPS location visitation data from 2/1 to 3/28, the time period that captures the pandemic outbreak. The location data … Read More

COVID-19: Reinvigorate Your Growth By Nudging Offline Users Online

COIVID-19 has had a negative impact on brands that are heavily dependent on their physical locations. These brands are trying to pivot their businesses and move to delivery or online. Here we present our analysis and solution for these companies. Hopefully we are helping do our part. Only 5% of customers we saw at these QSRs own the restaurant’s app. … Read More

POI Audiences Now Live In The Platform

We’re very excited to announce that you can now build Point-of-Interest (PoI) location-based audiences in the TrueData Mobile Intelligence Platform. This feature is powered by TrueData’s deterministic GPS location graph of over 130MM monthly active US users mapped to over 5.4MM points of interest. This brand new platform feature allows you to unlock powerful mobile signals to scale your growth. … Read More

Football Season: How are people engaging with the #1 sport in America?

Football fans are turning to mobile to engage with their favorite teams, and are using a diverse set of apps for varied experiences. We profiled five of the top sports apps and found that fans are using them to engage with the game in very different ways: To Watch –> NFL Sunday Ticket To Listen –> TuneIn To Attend –> … Read More