Campaign Planner: Cord Cutters

The number of homes without any cable service has more than tripled in the past couple of years. And mobile is at the center of that. Why get a cable subscription when you can stream the content you want straight to your phone or tablet, or cast it from there to your TV?

As this market evolves, competition for the eyeballs of potential channel subscribers is fierce.  How can you make your campaign stand out? By using App Install data to target users based on their current behaviors.

An App Install Profile is a snapshot of the complete set of apps a user has on their mobile device; unlike a traditional mobile media buy, where a person has to be using a targeted app to see an ad, with App Install Data you can, for example, find a user of a particular banking app and then target their mobile ad ID, which will let you reach them in whichever app they are in.  It’s an incredibly powerful way to extend your reach. Possible targeting ideas are limited only by your imagination.

The 800-pound gorillas:

Smaller streaming apps that add up to a large audience:

TV on Mobile:

We have over 200 million potential cord-cutters waiting to hear from you. Help them make the cut! Talk to Twine today about other great targeting ideas.

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